Logistics Growth Index

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Logistics Growth Index

The LIS Logistics Growth Index (LGI) Monthly Bulletin is based on data compiled from surveying logistics professionals and senior management in over 1,000 companies. The survey is based on inputs from these companies, and survey responses reflect the change, if any, in the current month compared to the previous month. LGI is a composite index based on the diffusion indices of leading market indicators, with varying weights applied, and is an effective measure of the growth and development of a country's logistics infrastructure.
  • Industrial Companies
  • Senior Management
  • Logistics Professionals

Survey Committee

Be a part of the LGI survey committee and make valuable contributions. Join the LGI Survey Committee. LIS gathers and compiles data monthly through surveys of supply chain management professionals participating in the business survey committee. The assortment of members on this committee is determined by their respective industry categories and is based on each industry's contribution to Gross Domestic Product.

LGI Survey Committee

Join the committee to participate in the monthly survey.
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LGI Monthly Bulletin

The LGI bulletin shows the number of responses in the positive economic direction and the diffusion index. Responses are raw data and never changed. Diffusion indices have the properties of leading indicators and provide quick summarised information. They depict the prevailing direction of change and the scope of change.
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Logistics Growth Index

The LGI reading above 50 indicates that the logistics sector is generally expanding and that the sector is generally declining when the reading falls below 50